Don't Underestimate the Benefits of Reading Books to Children Early

Some parents may be lazy or do not have the time to read books to their children. Or maybe you think that Little doesn't understand if you read him a story. In fact, there are many benefits of reading books that can be felt by the child when he grows up. It's never too early to start reading a book. In fact, you may have started since he was in the womb and continue this habit after he was born. Babies do not really understand the word for word you say, but hearing your voice, can stimulate interest in the voice as well as practice the ability to hear. Benefits of Reading Books to Children According to some studies, the following benefits of reading books to your child: Get acquainted with the vocabulary The benefits of reading to children can help them become acquainted with the vocabulary, so that it can help improve their communication skills. In essence, the more he hears, the better the ability to speak later. Learn to recognize the concept Not only vocab
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